Internet Explorer 5 Mac: oddities

Problems with forms and form elements.

Background–color inheritance.

When a radio button and a check box follow a textfield which has some background-color:value declared in the same block element <td> or <p>, they inherit the background– colour of the text–field; see this sample (including a screenshot). This only happens on Mac OS X, all versions of IE5.x.

Update: the problem seems more widespread. I've now seen radiobuttons and checkboxes inherit the background–colour from block level elements higher up in the mark–up.

Form elements wrongly inherit the clear property.

Textfields and other form elements wrongly inherit the clear:value property when it is applied to their parent block element. Example.

Disappearing fieldsets.

IE 5 Mac fails completely to show a fieldset when it is set to display:inline. Sample including a screenshot.

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This collection of documents and test cases related to Internet Explorer 5 for Mac is no longer maintained and is only kept online for historical reasons.

Comments and suggestions: are not needed anymore. Thanks to all who provided info and tips in the past.

File created: august 12, 2003, updated october 27, 2003.

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