Internet Explorer 5 Mac: oddities

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A general overview and sitenews.
Edge positioning.
Problems related to absolute positioning.
  1. Right positioning and a mystery scrollbar.
  2. Bottom positioning.
  3. Layering: interaction between various positioned block level elements.
Hiding and linking documents.
IE 5 mac does not support various linking schemes using single quotes in the url() string; methods to hide styles from the browser, and methods to serve serve styles only to IE mac: Tan Hack and Tantek’s ie5macbandpass filter.
Float property.
  1. Interaction beween static <div> and floated <div>
  2. miscellaneous float problems.
Phantom links.
Active area of links is extended when link block are center– or right–aligned.
Miscellaneous problems.
Problems related to background images, unexpected gaps between <div>, text reflow and positioning, combination of “vertical–align” and “background: inherit” and more.
Overflow property.
Erroneous positioning of scrollbars, mispositioning of block level elements with {overflow: value}, ...

Comments and suggestions: are not needed anymore. Thanks to all who provided info and tips in the past.

File last updated: September 09, 2009.

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This collection of documents and test cases related to Internet Explorer 5 for Mac is no longer maintained and is only kept online for historical reasons.