“SandSpace” (phw_sandspace) is a theme for the administrative backend of Textpattern CMS 4.8. Delicate shades of grey and touches of pale yellow are used to make the controls as un-intrusive as possible and let the user concentrate to the main task of creating stellar content. This theme is optimised to work on any device from small screen handheld device to large screen desktop computers. Support for dark mode and high contrast mode is build in.


SandSpace UI  4.8
SandSpace 4.8 for Textpattern on a large screen

This theme is compatible with a modern browser, MS Edge 18, Firefox 78ESR, Safari 11, etc running on devices from iPod Touch to HDPI laptops and desktop computers. It may work on (some) older browsers.

The theme allows for personalised customising, both user styles and user scrips are supported. See the Readme file for details.

Installation and usage

  • Download the current version (4.8.5): Sandspace 4.8.5 admin theme
  • Unzip and upload to your textpattern/admin-theme folder. Login and select the theme from the Preference panel > Admin sub-tab. Starting with Textpattern 4.8.3, the theme change is applied immediately. in previous versions, you have to switch between panes to see the changes.
  • Upgrading from a previous version follows the same procedure, be careful not to override or remove your custom folder.
  • For the Textpattern 4.7, series the previous version of this theme is still available: Sandspace 4.7 admin theme

Discuss, bug reports and support request in the Textpattern forum


  • v.1.01 – v 4.7: Old releases for Texpattern 4.7 and older.
  • v 4.8 – 4.8.5: Releases for Textpattern 4.8.0 – 4.8.5